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Mobile Notary Services

Notarization At Your Location and Time

Mobile Notary Services are available to individuals and businesses located in the Texas Hill Country area.

With a scheduled appointment you are assured that your documents will be accurately notarized at the time and place of your convenience; whether it be at a law office, assisted living community, hospital or medical office, your own residence or other convenient location. 

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How Notary Prices Are Set

Texas Government Code, Section 406.024 sets out the maximum fees Notaries can charge for notarial acts, otherwise the possibility of prosecution or loss of their notary commission. Therefore, Notaries Public cannot legally charge more than the maximum rates established and set by State Law for General Notary Work (GNW).

The law dictates notaries can charge no more than $6 for the first acknowledgment or oath, per document, and $1 for each additional signature, per document.

EX: You have 2 documents, each requiring 2 signatures on each document to be notarized. The notarial fee would be $14.

What is the Service/Convenience Fee?

Please note, there is no provision in the state law regarding other fees such as mileage and service/convenience fees. These fees are not related to what was charged for the document acknowledgment, oath, affirmation, jurat etc. These fees are to be agreed upon by all parties involved (notary public and the signer) prior to the notarization and is suggested this fee to be paid at time of scheduling. Those fees are calculated based upon each individual notary public’s pricing strategy.

Some Notaries use either the flat rate method or a per-mile method to establish a mileage fee. If a flat rate is charged, mileage is calculated on distance traveled from the “home” location. If a Per mile is charged, the tax rate is $.58 cents per mile.

A Service/Convenience Fee may also be assessed for services, in addition to the Mileage rate described above.

In any event, that State of Texas requires that the signer be provided an itemized receipt for all notarial services.

How We Make it Easy:

HCMN combines the Mileage Fee and Service/Convenience Fee into one uncomplicated rate.

Therefore, to continue with the example above: Your 2 documents requiring 2 signatures on each document. the notarial fee was $14.

If you live in the Lago Vista area, the combined mileage fee and Service/Convenience fee would be $25. Add the notarial fee of $14, with the final fee being $39.

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