Mobile Notary Serving Counties Burnet, Llano, Lampasas, Western Travis, & beyond.

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Jail & Other Locations

One of the various types of services we offer are Jail and Prison Notarizations, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, towing, recovery stations, and any other locations that you need us in the Travis, Burnet, and Llano Counties.

Most detention facilities provide professional viewing hours to your notary Monday-Friday.

A lawyer need not be present on the day your document is signed. We manage the signing and notarization of various types of documents.

Need a Notary?

Call or text us at 512-846-7846

10 Most Common Documents:

  1. Power of attorney
  2. Child Custody Agreements
  3. Letters of Permission
  4. Release of personal property
  5. Inability to appear form
  6. Affidavits
  7. Vehicle release form (see forms on this page)
  8. Right to travel form
  9. DMV Forms
  10. Real Estate Forms

Vehicle Release Forms

Release Vehicle by Company

This form is to be completed by COMPANY of a vehicle to release . This form may be used for release purposes by anyone named in the document by the registered owner.


Removal or Inspection of Vehicle

Used for Immediate Family members, Authorized Representative, or Representative of Insurance Company for Removal and/or Inspection of the vehicle.


Fees & Requirements

Minimum fees for hospitals, nursing homes, and jail signings is $100.00 plus mileage.
Texas Notary Fees are separate and in addition.

Additional fee time over an hour at the location is $1 per minute.
Jail signings usually take a little more time and the price reflects the extra time involved.

Full payment is required up front before any transaction takes place. If the notarization is unsuccessful for some unforeseen reason, then the signature fees will be refunded only, not the travel and wait time fees.

We will also need a current unexpired government issued picture ID (driver license, state ID, passport) for the signer.

Witnesses are available per request for an addition charge.

With enough advance notification, Spanish speaking notary services may also be available for an additional charge!

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