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Quick & Easy

Remote Online Notarization


Most documents can be easily notarized online in just a few minutes using your computer.

If we can’t meet in person, we can notarize your documents online, in the comfort of your own home without coming to your home! Be safe and secure!

An Online Notarization, also known as a Webcam Notarization, Remote Online Notarization or RON, is an electronic notarization conducted over the Internet, where a remote signer personally appears before a specialized Texas Online Notary Public, using live audio-visual technology.

The digital document is electronically signed and notarized, meeting the standards adopted under Subchapter C. Chapter 406 of the Texas Government Code and Texas Administrative Code § 87.41.

We are commissioned by the State of Texas to complete online notarization.

Remote Online Notary

Once you have an appointment scheduled, click here to go directly to the AtNotarize portal.

How do the fees differ from Mobile Notary fees? 

Online notaries are allowed to charge $25 plus the regular notary fees authorized by Texas Government Code §406.024.

For example:

  1. if an online notary notarizes the signature of one person, the charge will be $31, i.e. $25 + $6 = $31;
  2. if an online notary notarizes the signatures of two persons named in the same notarial certificate, the charge will be $32, i.e. $25 + $6 +$1 = $32;
  3. if an online notary notarizes the signatures of two persons, and there are separate notarial certificates for each signing party, the charge will be $62, i.e. $25 +$6 for the first notarization and $25 +$6 for the second notarization, which totals $62.


Is Your Document Suitable For RON?

Unless you need me to take care of uploading your document(s) that are to be notarzied, there is no need to email them to me ahead of time. You can upload them yourself directly to the platform. 

It is important to make sure your document is in in PDF format.

If they are not already in PDF form, I can convert them to PDF for a small fee.

Please ask the person or organization requiring the notarization if an online remote notarization is acceptable.

We cannot provide legal advice as to the acceptability of a remote notarization in your individual case.


Will Your Document and Information be Safe & Secure? 

Your documents are safe with Hill Country Mobile Notary and our AtNotarize Remote Online portal! When documents are uploaded through our website they are automatically loaded into AES-256 encrypted S3 storage buckets. After notarization, we delete all documents and only retain required information pursuant to Texas Notary laws.

Hill Country Mobile Notary LLC only employs commissioned notaries that are fully trained in conducting online notarizations in compliance with Title 1, Chapter 87 of the Texas Administrative Code. You can be rest assured that your online notarized documents are valid and will be officially recognized, however, it is advised you check beforehand that the party requesting your documents will accept an online notarized document.


Steps & Requirements For RON


  • Webcam and Microphone
  • A valid photo identification
  • Passing KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) *

You will need to schedule an appointment ahead of time. I will confirm you have everything necessary at that time.

HCMN has partnered with AtNotarize platform to perform online notarization. You will click on the link in the box with the image of a computer screen.

You will begin the process by entering your cell phone number, which will then prompt a security code to be sent to your number.

You will be responsible for uploading images of your driver’s license or other ID. This includes any witnesses that may be required to sign. You will not be allowed to go forward in the process without performing that task successfully. If you need assistance uploading images, help can be provided for an additional fee.

You should use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best security. You will need to be at a computer with a camera and speakers. Smartphones can do the process, but it much more difficult and takes more time. You will need access to your email.

After the signing is complete and notarized you will get an email with a link to your completed documents that you can download, email or print.

I’m happy to answer any question you may have now and later during the signing process. Contact me via the “Let’s Chat” button below, or go to the Get A Quote page by clicking on the large button below.


*Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) requires you, the signer, to answer a series of computer-generated questions based on your personal history, credit and financial information. … In Texas, you are required to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly.

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